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In October of 2013, Andy Lopez who was just 13 years old was shot to death by Sonoma County Sheffis Deputy Erick Gelhaus. Andy was walking to a friends house carrying a toy gun designed to look like an AK-47. After being spotted by the police, they stopped and told him to drop his gun. Without allowing him enough time to properly react to the deputy’s orders, Andy was shot 7 times killing him atthe scene. It has been revealed that the deputy, Erick Gelhaus has a history of using excessive force and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office was aware of it. He is also a firearms instructor who has been accused of having “racist and extremist tendencies and beliefs”. Last week Andy Lopez would of celebrated his 14th birthday. Instead, his family continues to fight for justice. There is an epidemic happening in our streets where police officers continue to criminalize and terrorize our black and brown community members. Continue to demand that the DA prosecute Sheriff Deputy Erick Gelhaus for his crime. PLEASE SHARE!!!!!


funny how a bunch of white people can violently harass people going into an abortion clinic and the cops never show up even when they’re physically touching the patients against their will but if black people organize a totally non-violent and non-confrontational protest after a member of their community has been murdered they bring out the police dogs and shotguns and claim it’s going to be a riot lol



Kym Worthy, the prosecutor who just brought charges against Theodore P. Wafer for shooting Renisha McBride, has a long history of being a total badass:

Prosecutor leads effort to test long-abandoned rape kits, brings justice to victims

Kym Worthy, the prosecutor, the BLACK WOMAN, who ensured that Renisha McBride’s murderer was brought to justice, who was PIVOTAL in ensuring that it didn’t become another George Zimmerman debacle, has a history of being an incredible advocate for actual justice, rather than the facsimile justice (injustice) America usually doles out to marginalized groups.

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